The San Antonio
River Walk

the #1 attraction in Texas.

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Experience the magical powers of the River Walk as you relax, play, and reconnect. Stroll the lush riverside paths lined with towering Cypress trees, restaurants, hotels, shops, museums, and recreation spots. Soak in the history and ambiance of this authentic San Antonio destination.

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Royal Court & Candidates

Since 1987 River Walk Royalty began serving for a full calendar year. Throughout their reign, they serve as ambassadors for the San Antonio River Walk sharing in the mission to promote, protect, and preserve the San Antonio River Walk. Titles are awarded based on the amount of most money raised for King and Queen, Prince and Princess, Duke and Duchess, Count and Countess. Royalty make appearances not only at River Walk events but at various occasions throughout the city. Royalty campaigning is a large fundraising activity. Not only is being a River Walk royal a great honor, but it is also a responsibility. One must perfect the royal wave, ride in countless parades, and look great wearing a crown.

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Upcoming Events

Oct 14, 2022 –
Oct 16, 2022
Fall River Walk Artisan Show
Oct 27, 2022 –
Oct 27, 2022
SpiritLandia (Day of the Dead) River Parade
Nov 5, 2022 –
Nov 5, 2022
DiwaliSA Festival of Lights Parade