Jennifer Hinojosa

2024 Royalty Candidate

Jennifer Monserrat Hinojosa Quintero, a vibrant 38-year-old, is a dedicated individual who cherishes family, community, and entrepreneurship. Born in Monterrey, Mexico, she settled in San Antonio two decades ago. With an enduring marriage of 20 years, Jennifer is a proud mother of three wonderful children, finding immense joy in nurturing their growth. As the esteemed owner of G5signs, a flourishing sign company, Jennifer exemplifies her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to delivering exceptional craftsmanship to her clients. She possesses a keen eye for design and takes pride in creating visually captivating signage that leaves a lasting impact.


Jennifer’s aspirations extend beyond her own ventures, as she dreams of becoming the Queen of the River Walk, a cherished San Antonio tradition, to play a significant role in promoting the city’s rich culture and time-honored traditions. With her infectious enthusiasm and dedication, she aims to showcase the beauty of San Antonio, attracting tourists and locals alike to immerse themselves in its vibrant heritage. Through her multifaceted roles as a business owner, devoted mother, local food advocate, and aspiring cultural ambassador, Jennifer Monserrat Hinojosa Quintero radiates a spirit of community, entrepreneurialism, and a deep-rooted love for her adopted city.