Isidro “Iszy” Herrera

2023 River Walk King

Isidro “Iszy” Herrera was born and raised in San Antonio, TX and grew up in the Westside of the city. When asked about the River Walk he simply replies, “The River Walk is a huge part of the city, and in my opinion, it is the heart of the city, so we all need to do our part in keeping it up to par.”

One of his favorite childhood memories is when his late father Pete Herrera and mother Rosalinda Herrera would take him and his siblings to the River Walk see the holiday lights and enjoy a hot chocolate and ice cream from Mr. Ice Cream. 

As a huge animal rights advocate, he rescued 2 cats (Kitty & Thackery) in which he considers to be his babies, and he gives back by volunteering at local animal shelters and dog parks. He also gives back to the city during its annual maintenance of the River Walk. He partners up with Center City Development and Operations to do his part in preserving the River Walk.