Desiree Lancharic is a San Antonio native. After 12 years of friendship and 5 years of dating, she tied the knot with her husband, Aaron in 2016. They have a beautiful (and sassy!) 5-year-old daughter named Teagan.

Currently, she is the Sales Manager for Go Rio San Antonio Cruises and is active in both the Hospitality and Tourism industries. She is a Certified Tourism Ambassador and is a member of several associations, alliances, and committees across several sectors in the downtown community. She was nominated for Service Manager of the Year for her role at Go Rio Cruises. This year, Desiree has taken on the coordination and development of more community outreach programs, which has been a fulfilling experience for her. She has a deep love for Fiesta and medal collecting and has started her own family Fiesta traditions as she “Parties with a Purpose” for the 10 best days in April (which also happens to be her birthday month)!

The River Walk is Desiree’s second home, and she believes it is important to promote, preserve, and protect it.

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