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On the edge of the San Antonio westside is this lil casita. Nestled on a compact street, it is the home of Alyssa Gonzalez and her family. Loud whining comes from a small, demanding Pomeranian, Lola who wakes up the family. Alyssa and her boyfriend Jonathan begin their day with their beloved dogs and their son, Ethan. They rustle around the house and begin swiffering, sweeping, and wiping down the counters as they watch wonderful events like the launch of NASA’s SpaceX’s human-filled rocket. Alyssa and Jonathan have always been fascinated with space, so much that they have their own telescope in their backyard. Even though they look to the stars, Alyssa stays grounded by the people and heart of San Antonio.

Alyssa is a third-generation Mexican American. Her family came over from San Luis Potosí in Northern Mexico in 1923. Her great, great grandfather crossed the border with his wife and seven children. He came to San Antonio to work, but he truly came for better family opportunities. Alyssa comes from a legacy that values family, education, and hard work. Her great, great grandfather came to a country not knowing any of the language and worked hard and taught himself English while working the railroads. Coming from a country of suffering for his family to have freedom, he instilled core values into Alyssa.

Although her mom relocated Alyssa and her sister, Sofia to Dallas for better education, she was born in San Antonio. The day after Alyssa graduated high school, she was called back to San Antonio. And you’ll never guess who called her back: bean and cheese tacos. But really, she came back to be immersed in her native culture and to be surrounded by her aunts, grandparents, and cousins.

Upon graduating from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelors Degree in Business Marketing, she worked seven years in the service industry, Alyssa found her passion in her current career. Aside from being a dog mom,  girlfriend, sister, daughter, and mother figure, Alyssa focuses on maintaining her financial practice with New York Life. She specializes in educating the Hispanic community on financial literacy, wealth accumulation, and retirement income planning.

When Alyssa has free time, she enjoys baking for her cousins, grandparents, and neighbors. The family keeps active by biking and running along the Mission Trails. These trails remind Alyssa of her childhood when her great grandmother, “Momo” used to take Alyssa and her family to visit the house where she grew up. It sits on the grounds of Mission San Juan. With the wonderful support of friends and family, Alyssa is enthusiastic about bringing people together for fundraising, networking, and creating long-lasting relationships.

Being an ambassador of the San Antonio River Walk would allow Alyssa to continue connecting to those who are deeply rooted and want to preserve the legacy for generations to come. At  the end of the day, we are all in this together, in a “lil casita.”  

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