Alyssa Gonzalez

2023 River Walk Duchess

On the edge of the westside of San Antonio, is this lil casita nestled on a compact street, which serves as the home of Alyssa Gonzalez and her family. Loud whining comes from a small, demanding Pomeranian, Lola, waking up the family. She and her boyfriend, Jonathan, begin their day with their beloved dogs and their son, Ethan.  

As a third generation Mexican American, Alyssa’s family came over from San Luis Potosí in Northern Mexico in 1923. Her great, great grandfather crossed the border with his wife and seven children for better opportunities for his family not knowing any of the language. He worked hard and taught himself English all while working the railroads. Coming from a country of suffering for his family to have freedom, instilled core values into Alyssa.  

Upon graduating at the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelors in Business Marketing and working seven years in service industry, Alyssa has found her passion in her current career.  On top of supporting friends and family, Alyssa is enthusiastic about bringing people together for fundraising, networking, and creating long lasting relationships.  

Being an ambassador of the San Antonio River Walk would allow Alyssa to continue connecting to those who are deeply rooted and want to preserve the legacy for generations to come. Because at the end of the day, we are all in this together, in a “lil casita.”  

Share in her legacy HERE. You may also contact her via email.