Friends of the River Walk

Friends of the River Walk

Whether you’ve walked its beautiful stoned pathways, enjoyed a night on the town or simply sat under one of the many mighty trees that canopy visitors with outreached and welcoming limbs, the River Walk is much more than just a river. It’s five miles of winding memories in the making – a place where laughter happens and love is found. Where proposals are made and “I dos” are said. It’s full of history and culture and celebrations and stories – its story is your story and your story is its story. This is your River Walk.

The number one priority of the San Antonio River Walk Association is to make sure these stories happen and memories are made. For only $35 annually, your membership helps promote, protect and preserve the heart and soul of San Antonio, celebrating its rich history and legacy – for generations to come.

San Antonio River Walk Membership Benefits

  • 15% Shopify Store Coupon. Good for 15% off your first purchase
  • River Walk Presale Ticket Event Information
  • Exclusive River Walk HD Screen Saver Image

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