Yellow Ribbon Project

April 1, 2018

Volunteer opportunity at this event, click here for more info. 

Yellow Ribbon Project is a thoughtful way to honor those who serve! Yellow ribbons are hung on trees along the River Walk as a highlight of the annual Armed Forces River Parade to be held on Saturday, May 19, 2018. Honorees names will instantly appear on the River Walk website and remain on display through parade day. Purchases may be made through the day of the parade. Yellow ribbons are displayed on trees along the River Walk May 6th-May 19th. Proceeds from yellow ribbon sales are used to underwrite the Armed Forces River Parade, which is free and open to the public.  

Ribbons are $5 each.

Ribbons sold April 1 -30, 2018

Ribbons displayed May 6 - May 19, 2018

Armed Forces River Parade, May 19, 2018

Yellow Ribbon Project

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Yellow Ribbon Honorees

  • Staff Sargent Marines Patrick Allan
  • Army Hannah Barnes
  • Air Force Aurora Bayardo
  • U.S. Navy Joe Anthony Beltran
  • Chief Joe Beltran
  • Army George L. Billeaud
  • Army T. George Billeaud
  • Navy William Boyd
  • US ARMY Daniel Braun
  • Navy/Army Charles Buchanan
  • Army Robert T. Buchanan
  • Navy Garland M. Buchanan
  • Army John Buchanan
  • Army John Charles Buchanan
  • U.S. Navy CORINE D. CABALLERO Corine Caballero
  • Army Enrique Caballero
  • Air Force Enrique Gerardo Caballero
  • Army aviation Spc Braxton Calingasan
  • U.S. Navy Leonard Casanova
  • U.S.Navy Meaghan Cavazos
  • Army Specialist Joseph Charbonneau
  • SSgt USAF William Charbonneau
  • Master Sergeant Ray Childers
  • Mr. Douglas Cochrane
  • Mr Guy Combs, Jr.
  • Warrant Officer Bradley Costa
  • Major Air Force Kristina Coughlin
  • Major Air Force Brian Coughlin
  • air force julio Del Bosque
  • TX Air National Guard Sam Dibrell
  • Navy Desmond Doyle
  • Army Aviation Spc Austin Duncan
  • US ARMY Demetris Edwards
  • US ARMY Lory Edwards
  • Navy Father John Fitzgerald
  • Army Luis Garcia
  • Chief Warrant Officer Austin Graham
  • Navy Curtis Gunn
  • Army David Guy
  • Navy Dante Heck
  • Army Anton Heisler
  • 0311 Infantryman Lazaro Hinojos
  • Marine Corps Nick Hopper
  • Army Timothy Horn
  • Air Force Edward Jackson
  • Army Larmie Keyes
  • Army Sarah Keyes
  • Army SFC Bruce Kuker
  • Army Terry Landreth
  • Army Franklin Law
  • Army Aviation Spc Nathan Legg
  • Air Force Tammi Lerma
  • Army Max Link
  • Marine Lee Lopez
  • Marine, Sergeant Roger Jason Lopez
  • Sergeant Roger Jason Lopez
  • Staff Sergeant USAF Kaidy Lundquist
  • U.S. Navy Chris Masters
  • US Army, Spc. Jordan Matthews
  • Army, Dr. John L. Matthews
  • Navy Jim McCauley
  • Army Pleasant Jackson McNeel, Jr.
  • Colonel Rolf Mickelson
  • Mr. William Mills
  • Ret General Army Warren Myers
  • Private Mac Neisen
  • U.S.Coast Guard Capitan James Phillips
  • Air Force Walter "Phil" Phillips
  • Air Force Bessie Prado
  • U.S. Marines Joeseph Quintanilla
  • TSgt USAF Jeremy Ramirez
  • Air Force SGT Anthony Ramos
  • Mr. Robert Ramos
  • Army Juan Ricardo Ramos
  • Army Gabriel Reyes
  • Air Force Senior Airman George Alexander Saldivar
  • Army Steve Simpson
  • Air Force, Dr. Charles Singstad
  • Navy Forrest Sledge
  • AIr Force SSGT Reynaldo Soto
  • Army Cecilia Stanford
  • Army John Stanford
  • Army John Carl Stromberger
  • Air Force Jack Trabucco
  • Corporal Miyaca Twodogs
  • Air Force Jose Valadez
  • Navy Arthur "Hap" Veltman
  • Green Beret Andrew Weathers
  • Army/Navy/Marines Donald Willison
  • Army, Dr. Ernest Yongue