Yellow Ribbon Project

Yellow Ribbon Project

March 5, 2019 - May 18, 2019
Time: 12:00AM - 12:00AM

Volunteer opportunity at this event, click here for more info. 

Yellow Ribbon Project is a thoughtful way to honor those who have served and who are currently serving in all branches of the Armed Forces! Yellow ribbons are hung on trees along the River Walk as a highlight of the annual Armed Forces River Parade to be held on Saturday, May 18, 2019. Honorees names will instantly appear on the River Walk website and remain on display through parade day. Purchases may be made through the day of the parade. Yellow ribbons are displayed on trees along the River Walk May 5th-May 18th. Proceeds from yellow ribbon sales are used to underwrite the Armed Forces River Parade, which is free and open to the public.  

Ribbons are $5 each.

Ribbons sold March 5, 2019

Ribbons displayed May 4 - May 18, 2019

Armed Forces River Parade, May 18, 2019

Dates for this event are subject to change.

Yellow Ribbon Project

Honoree's First Name:

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Military Title:

Yellow Ribbon Honorees

  • Airforce Donie Avina
  • Airforce Donie Avina
  • Sergeant USMC Michael Bartholomew
  • US Navy Corpsman Robert Bayless
  • A1C Dylan Bice
  • Marine Dominick Boyce
  • Navy Marion Butt
  • Army Gerardo Campos
  • Usaf Tyran Cooper
  • USAF Kristian Cooper-Herring
  • USAF Kristian Cooper-Herring
  • First Sergeant Ruben Cruz
  • Sgt. Driggers Justin Driggers
  • Sergeant USMC Lawrence Dunkelberger
  • US Navy Corpsman Grace Eitland
  • Lieutenant Commander Cecilia Elueme
  • Lieutenant Colonel Roger Estes
  • US Navy HR Ethan Foster
  • US Navy BM2 Roman Gonzales JR
  • Staff Sergeant US Army Jeff Goode
  • Specialist Armando Gutierrez
  • CW4 Edmond Hallmark
  • SFC Tammie Hallmark
  • US Air Force MSgt Lisa Hassel
  • USAF Curtis Hill
  • USAF Curtis Hill
  • Army Darren Houston
  • Specialist Terry Hudson Terry Hudson
  • Master Sergeant James K. Hudson James Hudson
  • US Navy Corpsman Joshua Jones
  • SSGT Marc LaFreniere
  • US Navy Corpsman Victor Loreto JR
  • Air Force Airmen Anthony Mansell
  • Army Ryan Mata
  • SP/5 Terry McClanahan
  • SFC Ketti McClanahan
  • Army Steven Miller
  • Army Samantha Moreno
  • Army Richard Mylnar
  • 3rd Ranger Battalion Paul Mylnar
  • Air Force Lisa Neisen
  • Army Mac Neisen
  • Army David Neisen
  • SSGT michael O'Dierno
  • Army Julian Olvera Jr
  • United States Navy Corpsman Ashley Parsons
  • HR Ashley Parsons
  • USAF TSGT John Pena jr
  • Specialist Jonathan Philips Jonathan Philips
  • Marines James Ramirez
  • US Navy Corpsman Rodriguez Rodriguez
  • USMC Vincent Rodriguez
  • CPL Matthew Stanley
  • USAF Thank You To All That Served The Brennan Family
  • Army Zachariah Tyus
  • US Navy Corpsman Ernesto Verdugo
  • Navy Nathan Watson
  • Army Paul Watson
  • USAF Eric Wilkinson
  • USAF Senior Master Sergeant Roland T. Zuniga