Wishing Lanterns

Wishing Lanterns

August 24, 2019 | 5:00PM - 10:30PM

Location: River Walk, 600 E. Market Street (river level)

Volunteer to help sell lanterns at the event, assistance is needed from 2:30 - 7 PM, click here to sign up. All volunteers receive a free lantern, meal, snacks and water.

Admission is free, and lanterns are $5 each and are sold at the event and $5 in advance- SOLD ONLINE HERE. Please do not cast lanterns into the river before 8 pm

These key points will help you navigate the event like a pro

  • This event will now be held in August. For those of you who participated the last 3 years it was held int he winter.  It was moved to late summer for more favorable weather.
  • Lanterns may be launched beginning at 8 pm. Please don’t launch before!
  • 5 lantern selling areas with a total of 44 selling lanes (see map for locations)
  • Bring cash, small bills, Lanterns are $5 each (tax included)
  • Only 1 credit card lane offered at each of the 5 selling stations
  • 1 Dedicated Will Call station (with 6 lanes) for pick-up of pre-ordered lanterns (see map, 368 E. Market Street, opposite Hemisfair Park). Pre-purchased lanterns are not shipped
  • Selling stations will be open 5-10 pm, or until sold-out.
  • 5 decoration stations located on River Level. Please return markers after using so others may enjoy
  • Bathrooms available under the Convention Center glass skywalk bridge. Multiple street level port-o-lets (restrooms) have been added around ticket sales areas.
  • Launch area has quadrupled from last year
  • Elevator access from street level to river level is available in the Convention center near ticket sales, Shops at Rivercenter, and at Alamo and Commerce Street (near the Torch of Friendship)
  • Event map marked for nearby city garages.
  • Come downtown early – make a day of it!
  • From 6-8pm only entertainment will be held in the Shops at Rivercenter lagoon and from boats in the water.
  • 20,000 lanterns are available plus 2,000 illuminated butterfly sticks
  • To locate the event on the River Walk use one of two addresses to find the location. The first is Ruth's Chris Steakhouse (600 E Market St.) - the event will be held in the entire convention center lagoon area this year (larger area to launch and view). The second launch location is now at the Shops at Rivercenter (849 E. Commerce St)
  • The event will be held in rain (covered areas are available)

Wishing Lanterns