Gourdough's Public House Riverwalk
Gourdough’s Public House Riverwalk

Gourdough’s Public House Riverwalk



215 Losoya St



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Gourdough’s Public House will inherit the space at 215 Losoya St, formally La Paloma Resturant. It’s in an idyllic, well-trafficked location on the water, and finds itself neighbors with the popular Dick’s Last Resort restaurant. 

With a large Latino population, San Antonio is home to many famed Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants. Gourdough’s owners are excited to introduce their one-of-a-kind cuisine to the area, including their iconic donut burgers, and big-as-your-face dessert donuts along with a full-service cocktail bar.

Having long been a staple of Austin’s quirky foodie culture, Gourdough’s hopes to become a more integral part of Texas’ statewide cuisine. Blending southern comfort foods with a unique pastry twist and Texas-sized portions, Gourdough’s Public House is excited to be able to reach new customers in San Antonio and continue to put Texas food on the map.

Gourdough's is now open every day from 10 am-midnight with brunch available all day, every day!