Commercial Storage Specialists

Commercial Storage Specialists


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Commercial Storage Specialist or "CSS" is a provider of comprehensive storage and logistics services to commercial clients. Target clients include any business that stores materials. CSS has an acute focus on delivering specialized solutions and unparalleled customer service. We create value in a variety of ways, including: the proper organization and storage of all materials in a secure climate controlled environment, producing a detailed electronic inventory, offering pickup and delivery services, and other proprietary services. Most importantly, clients can outsource a time consuming, inefficient problem to a 100% cost efficient model while freeing up resources to generate revenue Please call or email us today for a customized quote!

No matter what your storage needs are, CSS can handle them. Our expertise extends beyond confidential documents and files to include furniture, fixtures, equipment, product inventory, medical equipment, medical devices, machinery, marketing materials, general records, files, and really anything that you need stored.