Bier Garten

Bier Garten

The Bier Garten is one of the River Walks best kept secrets. Nestled between indigenous shade trees & a beautiful waterfall system, that gurgles down into the main river. The setting is impressive, but also strategic, as it sits invitingly between the main River Walk & the Alamo mission.

Crafted around the world’s largest annual fair, The Bier Garten’s tagline is ‘Where Every Day Is Oktoberfest’. Munich’s celebration to beer culture is evidenced throughout the restaurants dna with incredible beer offerings of Bavaria’s finest, all served in traditional liter steins. With over 25 draft taps, The Bier Garten is also committed to showcasing the best in local, Texan & US craft beers. Along with beers, we also offer a refreshing array of frozen & flavored Margaritas, which along with our beer, may be consumes on premise or taken as you leisurely walk the river.

The food is a delicious celebration of all things German, from our range of brats & sausages, to oven fresh pretzels, sauerkraut, potato salads & mustards, all prepared to Bavarian recipes and attractively presented on wooden platters. If four or more dine, try exploring our Oktoberfest platter, a sumptuous buffet feast, sampling most of the items featured on the menu in one order!

The meticulous attention to Germanic detail carries through from the dirndls & lederhosen worn by staff, to the décor, glassware, bench seating, festive bunting & string lights that frame the Bier Garten setting. Also seek out our large collection of German ceramic steins.

Probably the most compelling indulgence proudly offered is the entertainment at The Bier Garten. We provide something for all tastes during the weekends from traditional polka to talented local guitar vocals & lots of fun, festive Oktoberfest games and revelry featuring stein hoisting, Alphorn blowing & Operahaus karaoke. In fact we are convinced that “bier Garten’ is actually German for ‘FUN’!

Prost Y’All!

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