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Bud Light Riverfest- Battle of the Bands

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Bud Light

Bud Light Riverfest- Battle of the Bands

Date: January 12, 2013   Time: 11:00AM - 6:00PM

A Battle of the Bands! Four Local San Antonio Bands battle for the title of "Official Band of the River Walk."

Meet the Bands

Broken Buffalo

Broken Buffalo is a progressive/indie/soul band from San Antonio, Texas. The band consists of Kip Montgomery (Vocals/Guitar), Ruben Duenez (Vocals/Guitar), Adam Herzig (Bass) and Zac Saunders (Drums). During a jam session at the band's jam spot, a storage unit located on the north side of San Antonio. A statue of a Buffalo that was won at a beer pong tournament at the band's favorite bar was destroyed. Soon after, the band adopted the name Broken Buffalo and have been playing together ever since. They recently recorded their debut EP “Patience”, at Edit Point studios which was produced and engineered by Donnie Meals. The tracks were cut live to showcase the bands vibrant energy and emotion present in their live performances. Expect the release of “Patience” in early 2013.


Elementos, is an acoustic ensemble based on the Latin music genre:  Bachata, Bolero, Cumbia, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Rumba, and Salsa. Variations in tempo, rhythm, and style, are fused with a unique intensity level.Through distinct occasions, audiences of all ages have been entertained in local restaurants, corporate and private events. “Our music represents the culture of San Antonio!”

The Jonathan Garcia Band

Our passion for our music goes beyond the songs we write and play, but the experience our fans take with every live show. Our music comes from the heart, though it might not always be a life lesson, it does move the soul. We grew up listening to bands that don’t just sell numerous of records, but bring a live experience that is unique to anything they have heard before. Began playing for anyone who would lend an ear- evolving into a seasoned class act finding comfort within the River City area that have embraced us as one of the new upcoming Americana acts around. It is with this that we ask you to take a chance on us. Come out to our shows and we will show you what we feel is a homegrown work of art.

Smokehouse Guitar Army

Smokehouse Guitar Army (SGA) is a Texas Blues and Boogie Band. The band lives and performs with the idea of putting talented friends together in a way that allows lifetimes of experience to be expressed musically. Smokehouse is fronted by three guitar players: Scott Mayo, Clay Jarvis and Sam Massey. SGA’s standout rhythm section is Mike Zeal on bass and Chris Nisley on drums. The SGA song list features classic selections from Legends such as Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Freddy King, Jimmy Reed, Albert King, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Johnny Winter, Chuck Berry and Canned Heat. Smokehouse also showcases original songs from the individual band members.

Vote for who YOU think should be the Official Band of the River Walk for 2013! See video of all four contenders and vote for your favorite on our facebook page at


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