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Vibrant. Alive. Memorable. Sustainable.

EDENS is a growing real estate company that has delivered results to our investors for 21 years. Our mission is to establish a real estate business that can realize growth in income in any market cycle - a company with strong earnings power from multiple sources.

This mission has led us into three distinct businesses. First, as a real estate development and operating company, we construct, develop, acquire, dispose of, broker, lease and manage properties for our shareholders as well as for our asset advisory group and third parties. Second, we have an asset advisory group which raises private capital for and generates fees from our merchant development partnership funds. And third, we own a portfolio of "Irreplaceable Corners(tm)" - premier retail properties in high-traffic, highly populated areas - which are held for long-term value and provide a steady stream of rental income.

At AmREIT, we are committed to creating vibrant places that serve their local communities - places that are more memorable than they were prior to our involvement. They are places where customers often find their favorite grocery store, restaurant, coffee shop, or boutique. They frequent them more than they do our competitors without really thinking about it. But they do tell us that these places are more convenient, more pleasant, or that they simply feel better.

At AmREIT, we think about these places all day, every day...and these memorable places are what we call Irreplaceable Corners™.